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Oregon State puts a Pause on New Oregon Emergency Rental Assistance Applications for Six Weeks as it Fulfills All Current OREAP Requests.

Current estimates show that most of the $289 million in federal funding has been requested and Oregon is set to fully distribute all allocated funds to every Oregon renter who applies before December 1st. After that date, a six-week pause will begin on new applicants for the Oregon Emergency Rental Assistance Program. Oregon State has already subscribed more than $130 million in emergency assistance to over 19,600 Oregon renters in need, but continued efforts are necessary still. The Oregon Housing and Community Services have also begun a formal request for additional federal funding from the U.S. Department of Treasury along with exploration of alternative state resources available in the interim period. Any renters experiencing hardships keeping up with rent are highly encouraged to apply for emergency rental assistance before December 1st or contact 211 or Community Action Agencies in their local area. Currently, all completed applications are being processed as quickly as possible, with an emphasis on renters who have exhausted the 60 to 90-day window of protection. 

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