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COVID Related Tenant Protections Have Expired


As the SB-891 emergency eviction protections have expired, we wanted to share some information with your members.

All emergency eviction protections related to emergency rental assistance and nonpayment of rent end when you receive a denial letter for your tenant’s application, or at 11:59 p.m. on Sept. 30. After this date, landlords must only provide 72 hours’ notice for eviction for nonpayment of rent.

We understand that the pandemic has financially impacted many landlords, and we appreciate the partnership you have shown throughout this unprecedented time. As we near Sept. 30, we recognize there is still great need across the state. To provide support to as many landlords and tenants as possible, OHCS will be shifting resources from within the agency to pay out additional applications. While we are processing and paying out applications as quickly as we are able, not all these additional applications will be paid by Sept. 30; funding is still limited, and not guaranteed.

On Sept. 15, OHCS received notification from U.S. Treasury of our ability to receive additional resources reallocated from other states, which would arrive after Sept. 30. In an effort not to leave any funding on the table, even if it arrives later than is ideal, OHCS has indicated our ability to accept additional resources. We will continue to provide updates on the status of the potential for additional federal funds from Treasury.

We encourage you to communicate directly with your tenants about the status of their application. If their application is not closed by Sept. 30, please allow additional time for processing. To check the status of your tenant’s OERAP application, please login at or call 844-378-2931 and choose option 3.

Landlords may also qualify for compensation through the Landlord Guarantee Program (LGP). This program reimburses landlords for eligible nonpayment costs, like rent and late fees, incurred during the “safe harbor” period.

Landlords may be eligible for the program if:

  • Their tenant initiated a safe harbor by giving them documentation that they applied for rental assistance.
  • Nonpayment accrued during the safe harbor period.
  • The amount of rental assistance the tenant applied for did not cover the nonpayment that accrued during the safe harbor period.

Landlords can continue to apply for the Landlord Guarantee Program after Sept. 30 and can learn more about the program at

Other resources and eviction support programs may be available for tenants at the local level. Landlords may suggest their tenants contact their local Community Action Agency or call 2-1-1 to find other available resources. You can find a list of eviction prevention services available by Community Action Agency here.

Thank you for your continued partnership through these unprecedented times.


Jill Smith

Director, Housing Stabilization

Oregon Housing & Community Services

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