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Christian Bryant

Providing real estate, property management, and landlord education.

His business expertise includes owning/operating a property management company since 2008 and educating professional landlords since 2009 as well as currently serves as President of the Portland Area Rental Owners Association and the North West Real Estate Investors Association providing education, support, and legislative representation. Since 2018 he has served as Co-Chair of the Rental Services Commission for the city of Portland where he leads the discussions and debates on all things property management related for the city.

What I Do
  • Teach Classes
  • Property Management
  • Portland Rental Services Commission
  • Eviction Processing
  • Housing and Urban Development Advisory Committee
  • Residential and Commercial Property Sales
  • NW Real Estate Investors Association
  • Portland Area Rental Owners Association

I offer the following courses and packages. 

1-2 Hour Courses “Electives”

3-4 Hour classes “Pre-Made Half Day Packages”

6 Hour Classes  “Full Day Course Topics”

Pre-Made Half Day Courses

3-4 Hour classes. We offer many Pre-Made Half Day courses, but we encourage you to select 3-4 Elective topics to design your custom Half Day course.

The Dark Side of Property Management

Domestic Violence, Abandoned Property, & Death of a Tenant. It's not often that a landlord has to deal with these issues, but when you do you need to handle them properly to avoid being financially liable.

From Move Out to Collections

Ending a tenancy, move-out inspection, final accounting, collections, and garnishments. The move out process being handled properly and knowing what you can charge a tenant for as well as how to collect those funds can save a landlord thousands of dollars

Landlord Tenant Law Review & Legislative Update

Landlord / Tenant Law Review and Law Changes Update. Overview of the most important parts of landlord tenant law in Oregon that every landlord needs to know. In addition, we will give you an overview of recent and / or upcoming law changes.

Marijuana and Property Management

Whether you don’t allow or approve of marijuana in your rental unit you need to know how to manage it. We go in-depth into how to manage a rental that allows marijuana, what to inspect for, rules to create, and best practices. We also teach you how to restrict marijuana in your units, how to tell if it’s there, and what you can do when a tenant violates your marijuana restrictions.

Lease Violations and How to Enforce Them

Given the current rent moratoriums it is more important now than ever for you to be up to date on how to identify violations and the proper way to enforce them, even by eviction if it comes to that. This class will be a 3-hour in depth review of all possible lease violations including what to look for, what forms to use, fines you can charge, and how to be allowed to evict if needed.


Are you confident in your ability to evict a tenant? Do you know what small, honest mistakes are responsible for the majority of lost eviction cases? These mistakes can add weeks or even months to the time it takes until your tenant is evicted. Some can even result in counter-suits that cost landlords thousands of dollars. This class will cover everything eviction related from beginning to end.

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