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What areas do you cover?
IRC Property Management currently manages properties from the Northern Border of Oregon down to Eugene and everywhere inbetween. We also have the ability to magage large complexes with onsite management in the Central Oregon market.

Are you a licensed Property Manager?
All of our managers are at least licensed property mangers, but we also have licensed Brokers, Principal Broker, and Contractors.

What type of properties do you manage?
Our skills range from managing single family detached homes to some of the area’s largest apartment communities, condominium developments, and commercial properties.

How do you set rental rates?

The key to setting the “right” rent for a property is to understand both the local rental market and that property’s competitive position within the rental market.
First, we monitor the rental market constantly. We get a feel of the market’s ebbs and flows every day simply by managing local rental units.
Secondly, we evaluate each property’s location, layout, physical condition and amenities and then compare these factors with those of competing properties.
Our objective is generally to set rent for a property that will maximize the owner’s return on investment. This means not setting rents so high that the property will be vacant for extended periods of time between tenants.

Who collects the rent?
Our trained property management staff collects rent at all of our properties. This gets deposited into our client trust accounts and then after expenses are paid we directly deposit the net into a bank account of your choice.

How do you qualify tenants?
Potential tenants face a thorough screening process to ensure that they will be responsible residents. The process begins with an application that asks for basic information as well as permission to verify the applicant’s credit, criminal record, landlord references, and employment history. Then property managers interview references and check all credit, criminal, and employment histories in order to get the most accurate portrait of a potential tenant as possible.

How often do you check on my property? How do you know the tenants aren’t destroying it?
We perform ineterior inspections every 6 months and additional ones as needed to inspect for general cleanliness, necessary repairs, unauthorized pets, and unreported damage. These are conducted during the move-in/move-out cycle as well.  For our multi unit properties we also do a monthly building exterior, parking lot, and common area inspection to make sure that the property is being presented the way our clients expect and to protect the owner from any potential liabilities from lack of maintenance.

How do you handle difficult tenants?
Our screening process helps to weed out difficult tenants; however, should problems arise, we have extensive knowledge of Oregon Landlord/Tenant Law and proven policies that help to defuse difficult situations. Dealing with angry, difficult and irrational tenants is one of the unfortunate realities associated with operating rental properties. Knowledge, prior experience and preparation are the keys to achieving the best possible outcome. We have all of these attributes.

Do I have to sign a contract?
Yes, we are required by law to execute a property management agreement. We believe that a good contract provides an essential foundation for a positive business relationship.

How will you market my property?
We market properties in a number of ways, including rental signs, print periodicals as needed, this website, and 10+ other popular rental sites.

Do you pay utility and maintenance costs as well?
The extent to which we manage the finances of each property is flexible. We work with each owner/client to meet their needs. Depending on what expenses our client would like us to pay out of their trust account their may be additional reserve funds needed.

What if I have my own sub-contractors that I want to use?
We have an excellent list of vendors and subcontractors; however, if a client prefers to use a certain vendor, we are happy to do so, provided that they can work with our payment policy, service procedures, and standards. Our policy is to solve all repair issues as quickly, efficiently and cost-effectively as possible, using whatever vendor’s services which meet these requirements. We are happy to use your preferred contractors, but if they can’t provide a quick and high quality standard of work then we reserve the right to use another company. We have a reputation among tenants to protect and this reputation equates to higher rent amounts for you.

When do I receive my owner’s check?
We send out checks to owners on a monthly basis. And our clients are notified promptly of any interruptions to the expected cash flow distributions (such as late rent payments or unexpected repairs). Sometimes the date that you receive funds will depend on when the tenant pays and how long the funds take to clear if they pay by personal check.

Are your fees negotiable?
No, but our fees vary according to the type of service we provide, number of units, and the age/quality of the property.

Do you arrange insurance for a client’s property?
No, arranging insurance is the owner’s responsibility. We are happy to refer you to a qualified agent that specializes in your type of proeprty if needed.

What do you do to maintain the property?
We routinely check the property for any damage, routine maintenance or landscaping work that, in our opinion, needs to be addressed and then have it done; however, prior to executing our property management agreement, we always discuss such repairs and maintenance with our clients to ensure that we understand the level of property upkeep that they expect.  We also have regular yearly maintenance services like roof and walk way cleaning that clients can sign up for when we execute the management aggreement.

What condition must a property be in prior to renting it?
IRC Property Management requires that a property be in the best possible condition before being put on the rental market. We require: that the dwelling be well-painted and very clean; that the yard be clean and well-kept; and that appliances, heating system and plumbing are in good working order. We like to have a balanced portfolio of high and low end rentals. If you have rentals that rent for lower end of rental rates for the area then we simply require that everything is in good working condition and if any repairs are needed then we expect the repair to leave the unit in the same or better condition than it was prior to needing a repair.

How long will it take to rent a property?
It depends on each property’s location, layout, physical condition, amenities and the amount of monthly rent being asked, plus general rental market conditions and the time of year. For instance, far fewer people are looking for a place to rent during the winter, and it would generally take longer to rent a property that became vacant during the winter months.

What is your policy regarding pets?
The decision to allow pets is entirely up to the owner. Many renters are pet owners and allowing pets can mean a faster rent-up; however, pets can cause damage to the property. We always interview the pet owner and meet the pet to help determine if the pet owner is responsible and the pet well-behaved. If a pet is approved then we of course will charge a larger security deposit.

What is your smoking policy?
This decision to allow smoking is up to the property owner as well. Our clients may choose to allow smoking and require a smoker’s deposit, or not to allow smoking at all. This includes the use of marijuana. Our lease has a default clause that states that the use, growth, and production of marijuana on your property is prohibited without aditional written consent by the landlord. If that is something you want to allow then we have no problem doing so.

What if the tenant’s rent is late?
We make every reasonable effort to collect all rents when they are due. We pursue past due rents aggressively, post the required notices and charge late fees.  We alert our clients promptly if there is a problem concerning rent payments or if we suspect that we will need to begin eviction proceedings.

How do you handle emergencies?
Our trained maintenance staff is on call 24 hours a day/ 365 days a year. If the emergency requires special expertise, then the appropriate subcontractor will be called in. If a tenant’s neglect or irresponsibility causes the emergency, then they will be billed for the full cost of the repair.  Non-emergency repairs will be discussed with the owner before repairs or action if the estimated cost is more than our pre-approved repair budget.

How long is the average length of tenancy?
The average long-term lease is for 12 months; however, some clients may elect to rent a property for a shorter period depending upon their plans for the property. OUr tenant typically renews their 1 year lease for at least one more year though so we average a 2 year tenancy in our units.

What happens if a tenant wants to get out of their lease early?
If a tenant wishes to get out of their lease early then they will be charged a the maximum lease break fee in Oregon (1.5 times 1 months rent). When a tenant informs us that they will be leaving early, we usually begin marketing the property immediately to prevent the unit from being vacant and to maintain the property owner’s income stream.

Am I protected if a resident damages my property?
First, we always get the renter to fill out an inspection/condition report, which shows the condition of the rental unit both when the renter moves in and when they move out. By showing where any defects are when the renter moves in, the Condition of Premises form provides an accurate record of any damage that the renter may have caused during their tenancy.

The security deposit paid by the tenant is usually (but not always) sufficient to pay for damages caused by the tenant; however, if the tenant owes past due rent, plus the costs of repairing damage, then it may be necessary to pursue collection of these moneys through the court system.

Why should I hire you as my Property Manager?
Ultimately we get hired because our policy of putting customer service and our clients success ahead of everything else shows in all aspects of our business. Our clients generally hire us after interviewing other property managers in the area to get a feel for their strengths and weaknesses.

Owning a rental property can be a positive and financially-rewarding experience. Or it can be stressful and time-consuming, depending on the performance of your property management firm.

This website provides important insights into IRC Property Management, but there is absolutely no substitute for a face-to-face meeting between you and us. Your property is far too important to entrust to the care of people who you haven’t met and feel comfortable with. We look forward to meeting you.