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Portland Housing Bureau’s Rental Service Office, Resolutions NW has launched a new Landlord-Tenant Mediation Program.

This program provides free professional mediation services to landlords and tenants with a dispute related to a rental unit within Portland city limits. Mediation allows parties to engage in a full discussion and generate creative and flexible solutions to housing disputes. Mediation often results in higher rates of compromise, compliance, and satisfaction than adjudication.

Erion Moore is the Director of Mediation at Resolutions Northwest.

“A lot of people think landlords are just ready to go to court,” Moore said. “But often that’s the last thing they want to do.”

The mediator will talk with each person individually, then bring the two together to facilitate a discussion if they both agree. The process is confidential, which means the information from mediation can’t be used in court.

“That allows the landlord and tenant to be creative,” Moore said. “They don’t have to worry about someone going to court and saying ‘hey, we didn’t work it out but this is what this person has already agreed to.’”

Through this program, tenants can avoid losing their home, landlords can avoid needing to engage in court action.


Read the full article by Portland Housing Bureau here.

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