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Portland Housing Bureau’s Rental Service Office, Resolutions NW has launched a new Landlord-Tenant Mediation Program.

This program provides free professional mediation services to landlords and tenants with a dispute related to a rental unit within Portland city limits. Mediation allows parties to engage in a full discussion and generate creative and flexible solutions to housing disputes. Mediation often results in higher rates of compromise, compliance, and satisfaction than adjudication.

Minor disputes between tenants and landlords can sometimes become more volatile and escalate into more serious instances of conflict.  Fears of aggression and unwelcome attitudes may lead to an impasse that some feel can only be resolved by eviction. Resolutions Northwest believes with improved communication, biases can lead to better relationships and maintaining housing.

Trained mediators are available to help lead discussions between both parties in open and honest communication on issues such as rent owed, rent increases, pets, property damage, housing discrimination, and many others into outcomes that resolve conflicts and avoid evictions. Eviction is not the only answer, and Resolutions Northwest Mediation Program is here to help you find an answer that works for both parties. For more information visit their site or contact them directly through email at [email protected] or call 503-595-4890.


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